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Food is fuel for your body.  The biggest misconception is that most people don’t know exactly what to eat or when to eat it.  Portion control with clean eating choices will make a huge difference in how you feel and how you perform.  We have nutritional coaches here to assist you on your journey to a new, healthy lifestyle that suits your needs.


Proper Rest

Along with the proper meal plan, sleep is high up on the list to performing better in your chosen sport or even just feeling better on a daily basis.  Your personal coach will guide you towards making “sleep” one of your top priorities with tips on how to get there.



Anyone who trains (no matter what the sport, no matter what the reason) needs to be able to perform at a challenging level.  If you aren’t challenged, you won’t change!  We can help you find that “sweet spot” that motivates your body to develop effectively.


Weight Loss

Society today is consumed with the bathroom scale.  We believe what’s most important is your fat to lean body ratio as opposed to what you weigh.  You could weigh 120lbs but have minimal muscle to show for it.  Muscle aids us in our performance. Lean muscle over weight loss any day.


Julie helped me understand the fundamentals to developing strength and resistance into my training. Dedication and motivation are not strong enough words for what an inspiration she was to me.  She has my complete respect as whenever I have a question or help, she is always there to guide me in the right direction.  I am a successful colligate athlete and became one because of her. Julie brings inspiration and passion to her athletes as well as important fundamentals to help them achieve a competitive level of high performance.

- Ellexis Lathan, Collegiate Athlete

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julie for the last 9 years. During that time I have worked with her through the sport of hockey, watching her build her business, as well as commit herself to personal training and fitness competitions. Our closest time together was coaching Team Alberta at the Esso Women’s National Hockey Championship in 2007. During that time Julie worked as the Assistant Coach as well as our team’s personal trainer. She was completely committed to the process and was thoroughly prepared for each and every training session on and off ice. She also had a great professional relationship with the players on the team who would come to her with their questions and found her to be a valuable source of information. The following year Julie and I also worked together coaching the NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) Women’s Hockey Team. During this time, again Julie acted as the Assistant and Fitness Trainer. She brought the same professional work ethic and attitude, and her training and mentoring of the team was invaluable.

- Dave Lynes, Head Elite Hockey Coach & Mentor

I know that we are new to elite soccer but I am very familiar with conditioning and training for athletes and as for the last two outdoor sessions I have been very impressed. We will be incorporating a lot of the drills into our regular practices. My girls came to me after Fridays session with Julie and they thought they were going to die due to the drills and their personal effort they put into each drill. Right there I knew our girls were benefiting from the instruction session.

- Soccer Coach & Dad, Edmonton, AB, Canada


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